Clearing Export List/ Managing Exports

Hello Figma Community! Hoping someone can save me from throwing my laptop out the window!

Here is what’s happening:

  • When I am working from a page with all of my screens/frames, when I want to export only a few of them into a PDF, I select only the frames I want and then go to: File > Export Frames to PDF.
  • The PDF generated however includes many more frames then I have selected. Note its unclear whether its all frames on the page or just a subset.

What I have tried:

  • I tried selected everything on the page and then hitting the “-” option under Exports, but that’s not available to me.
  • Moving only the screens I want to a new page, selecting them and then going to File > Export Frames to PDF works as expected. A single PDF is generated which included only the selected frames.

Has anyone else bumped into this?
Is there a way in Figma to manage my exports, clear or reset my export list, anything like this? Other ideas?

Thank you in advance for any ideas or help!