Clear Figma's Search bar suggestions

Please Help!
I did a terrible mistake!

i have a macro pad board from where i launch pluginds and keyboard shortcuts by pressing the corresponding key.

In this case i have a key that when pressed opens de search feature within Figma and types “lorem ipsum”.
Until now theu blue plugin always appeared and it is the one i am using for years.

But today i was curious to try some other plugins, with no succes.
Now the problem is that by default when running the macro the first match is that “LORE” one, (which is terrible btw).

I wish i could refresh this list so i make sure only the plugins i want are the ones that pop up.

Any idea?

I found nothing so far…

Thank you very much

In case anyone wondering, i cleared the list by opening the console and following this process. I Deleted the line of the step nº4