Cleaning Up Edges on a Graphic

Hi Figam Community!

New user here primarily using Figma for design and social graphics. This might be a very, very beginner query, but I’m looking for a general idea on how to “clean up” or smooth out graphics. For example:

The image above just feels a bit messy — hard corners, unevenness, etc. I want it to feel a little “loose” and cartoonish, but I feel like there are ways to make it feel a little more real and organic.

Any advice? Appreciate you all!

Where was this image/graphic sourced? There are no native tools within Figma to do this, you’d need to move the asset to Illustrator and tidy up the asset there. There might be some Figma plugins to do this (I haven’t looked) but honestly, you’d be better just sourcing a better image and/or tracing the image yourself using the bezier pen tool in Figma