Changing component properties randomly resets text to default

I have several components in my library that share the same problem.

When I change properties on an instance of the component, sometimes it resetts the text. Then I undo, and change the same property again, and now the text isn’t resetted anymore.

Since it only occurs randomly, and after undoing it works properly, it looks like a bug to me. But maybe someone elese had the same problem?

Hey Magdalena, could you share a screen recording with us when this is happening?

Here’s the video of the problem: Untitled video - Create and share your videos with Clipchamp

It shows that after I first change the variant of the component the text resets to default, then I undo the change, then change again and the text is not resetted anymore.

And below is the screenshot of how the component is build. I know it’s far from perfect, but it’s been created ages ago. Can you see anything what can cause a problem in here?

First I thought it is because there are nested components which are not published, but after I have published them the problem still existed.


Thanks for sharing! I’ve just created a support ticket on your behalf, please share a link to the file with them. Your ticket number is #851340, for reference.