Change to project and team description - bummer

Hi Figma, I wish we still had the team and project description panels in the Figma browser, or something better. Now the “Edit description” dialog contains all the information we painstaking put together to describe a team of project into a single hard to edit string:
This is unmanageable, and we found the previous UI compelling because it provided a great context for new team and project members where outlined who the stakeholders are and what they do on a team/project. Here is an example:

So going what step better, it would great if there was a UI for entering this type of information as a way to onboard Figma users to a team or project. Perhaps with user defined fields. It could just be a simple “Team (or Project) Information” link so people could select it to get the information we all need to understand who the sponsors, UXD’s IA’s, and even workflow information about the team or project. I would even settle for a custom link field that just opened a FigJam file section so I can go crazy defining whatever project information support I think it needs. I would create FigJam templates for that use. I would want the link to be easy to access, so it would just reside as a menu item where all the “edit description” text dialog is launched from now. Thanks for considering! Ben

Hi BenKopf_UPS! We appreciate your feedback and suggestion.

I’ve gone ahead and switched your topic from “Ask the community” to “Share an Idea” so others in the community can also vote up your idea.

I’m also struggling to figure out how to populate and leverage some of the meta-data on Figma project & file structures.

Tried a little experiment with description and search the other day. The results were that you can’t find text in team descriptions from the search dialog. :\