Change the mode of the frame on click

Is it possible to change the mode of the frame on protoype click?
The only way I can find is to have two frames set as different modes and move between them.

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Hi James! Not at this moment, I can confirm that modes can’t be changed via prototype interaction.

Hello @Celine_Figma, any news on that one ? seems like an obvious candidate for a prototype interaction to avoid duplicating an impressive amount of frames … What do you think ?

Hey @Alexandre_Istrasoft, thanks for the feedback!

We’ve passed this onto our team for consideration and updated this topic to a feature request to gauge interest from the community. Feel free to Vote up top! :point_up:

Hi, I’m upvoting this.
My usecase is: I have a dashboard with sidebars on the left and the right. Right one can be expanded / collapsed.
I played with mode and variables to make components that adapt (using size variables) depending on, if the right sidebar is collapsed or not. So I have 2 modes: right sidebar open / right sidebar collapsed.
I would love to have an action on a button in that sidebar that would basically switch the mode of the whole frame, from one to the other to “simulate” that.

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