Change all variants changing the master component

I would like to know if is possible to change all the variants in one time changing the main component.

Variants are by definition supposed to be different versions of the initial component, but if you have a nested component structure (i.e. following atomic design principles) you can change parts of all variants by modifying the sub-components.

I’m sure there are plugins to allow for selecting all the objects with the same name, if you have been meticulous about maintaining naming conventions, but generally a nested component structure is (in my mind) the best practice for maintaining complex components.

Hi, Costanza.

Michael is right.

But if you want to easily modify the variants in your component, you can do so by selecting all matching layers:

or if they’re texts, by creating a text property and inserting it on the text layer.


I’m not sure what kind of modification do you want on your variants though. Can you describe what kind of change do you want for your component? Maybe there are some ways we can do.


Thank you, is very useful. But for example if I want to change the states of the icons in a bottom bar?

Sorry as I’m not entirely sure what you mean. Can you explain more? Might be better if you can send an image of these states.