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How to change the design of a component after creating variants?

I Just started using variants and I can’t figure out how to change a component that I have created a bunch of variants for. Example… what if I create a button, then make it a component and start building out all the variants but then decide I want to change the corner radius from 4px to 8px. Previously it was pretty straightforward… I would go to the single component, make the change and it would update all the instances. Now I have 20 variances in a dashed box and if I change the corner of the original button I created… that variant is the only one that will change.



You can create a single button component and then put instances of this base component into all variants, then modifications of the base component will be reflected in instances in all variants. Each variant is its own separate component which isn’t related to other variants in any way so modifications to one variant will not change other variants obviously.

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Of course!!! I somehow forgot about building the foundational components before combining it all to create these more complex components that my variants will evolve from. Thanks for taking the time to answer! I would still be chasing my tail.