Can't export anything. Clicking on export - nothing happens!

As per to the subject above I cannot for the life of me export anything.

Yes that’s right ~ images, vectors, frames…

Clicking on Export does absolutely nothing. I can see the familiar “exporting…” loading ticker on the bottom only for a brief split second then…nothing happens. Absolutely nothing.

This has been happening for a few days.

I am very puzzled. Never have I seen anything like this.

Anyone experiencing this same issue?



yes, it happened to me too. I can export from the browser app but I can’t do it from the desktop app

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This solution worked for me as well, every time I have not been able to export any format via the desktop app it has always worked when using Figma in my web browser.

For me this happens in browser app. Any fix for that?

this happened to me too on the browser app, and I don’t wanna bother downloading the desktop app :woman_shrugging:t2: