Bug: Auto-layout and frame fill constraints glitches in prototype

So a couple weeks ago, all my prototypes were working fine. It seems an update or silent update was pushed, and since then none of my prototypes with auto-layouts function correctly.

Some context
I have many frames set to auto-layouts that I’ve set to resize when components within those frames are expanded and collapsed. For this example I have a side navigation, and main content area. In prototype mode they do not behave as expected.

  • Prototype: When the side navigation is collapsed, all frames within the main content areas do not auto-adjust and fill properly. Instead dimensions get displaced.
  • Prototype: If components in the main area are expanded and collapsed, then it will fix the glitching and display as it should (in this example, the card and drawer components)
  • Prototype: If there is no control to expand and collapse, then there is no way to get the areas in the main area back to the proper dimension (in this example, the banner component)
  • There are no issues in the design file, all auto-layout and frame constraints are set properly to fill where they should and adjust as expected; it’s only in the prototype where it glitches and does not maintain correctly

I have a design file where this bug can be tested in real time: https://www.figma.com/file/u4dJ203D4Twoa39y5fQM6D/auto-layout-bug?node-id=0%3A1

Hope this was the right area to post, and sorry if this has been brought up before. Any solutions or ways to escalate this issue? As I said, 2-3 weeks ago this was a non-issue, not sure what has changed since then


I’m having the same issue. Everything works fine in edit mode (follows resizing mode and constraints) but once I start the prototype and resize one component as you have in your example other components break. Also, this used to work previously.

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