Bring back images when you search up components

I find it difficult to find icons or my components when it’s just text so I want the image previews of the assets to come back. It just makes it easier for me to find icons in the panel especially because I don’t always remember what I name my components and find reading/scrolling through so many words difficult.

Hey there!
Thanks for your feedback, it is not possible to see the image preview in the layers panel. I think you may be confused with the Asset/Library panel. Please let me know if I may miss something.

As a workaround, you can click directly in the text so it will redirect you the localisation of your component in the file.

Also, you can go in the “Asset” section if you would like to visualise your main components.

Here is a demo so you can better visualise it:

(And if you would like to find all instances of a component used in your file, I’d suggest you to try this plugin as we do not support natively).

Hope this helps!