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Bring back Comment numbers

The worst feature updates experience ever. Made something looks cool but useless and even creates more problems. Impossible to communicate, track the comments, or do version control. We had around 300 comments on a board and once people open the file it looks like pizza is displayed everywhere. PLEASE BRING IT BACK.

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Same here. I am content designer and I have used comment numbers to collaborate with various stakeholders. It had helped me to prioritise esp during zoom calls. It’s been crazy ever since the numbering of comments were dropped. Any update on this?

It seems to me that the numbers have lost their relevance, since it is possible to copy a link to a specific comment. They are also now visible by default. But since there are so many willing, then you can give the opportunity to turn on the number. It’s become so much cleaner for me.

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Please bring it back. In our team we use numbers to link and communicate as well. Seriously guys, no offense, but who came up with the idea to redo the comments without the numbers? This new format is not cool. What research did you do?


Same thing here : (

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The feature of showing the numbers already existed… I can´t understand the motivation to remove something that is already ready and is used by everyone! My clients used the numbers to reference what they were talking about, now it´s gone.

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Guys, bring the numbers back please!! If the solution already worked perfectly, I don’t understand why change it

I’m glad I am not the only one who’s having trouble with that!


Please return the comment numbers! Avatars are useless and the comment number helps a lot with prioritization, the link to the comment is a very cool feature, but it should not exclude the number, sometimes it’s faster to give the comment number to a team member than to copy the link.

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Hey there,

We are a team with over 100 designers who interacted with over 2400 clients this past year. Removing the numbers on the comment it is just a nightmare for us. Sometimes we have a dozen people working on the same file.

What was the intention behind removing the numbers? Please bring it back!!!


pleeeease, just bring it back :sob:

Yes. and Make comments work again on screen with modal.

It seems numbers where like “comments IDs”. It was a common routine to tell the number of the comment and than start a discussion. Think about clients who struggle to learn basic things on figma - than imagine they getting crazy trying to specify the comment they’re talking about because the little numbers disappeared :open_mouth: “And how I copy the link?” “Inside the comment?” “I don’t see any link” :scream:

Please, bring the number back. We like them.


Hello, in our team we have tasks related to the Figma comments (such as tasks 50 - comment 87), but I can not find the comments ID/numbers anymore, Is there a way to enable it again?

Totally agree to bring back comment numbers. It helps a lot when working with a team

As the one designer in my team, I preferred the previous version of comment tool, with numeration. During reviews, I place a lot of comments and without numbers I feel a bit confused. Also the actions to see or edit an existent comment have became less immediate. Thank you.

Yes, please bring comment numbers back - we also reference comment numbers in internal conversations

definitely, the worst “improvement” done to Figma :frowning:
Really need those comment numbers. I use them all time, even when referring between comments (“see comment no. 5 for more details” etc.)

Any answer from Figma team to this topic?? I am part of a team with 90 designers using this comment tool daily!

For a tool that defines itself as “the collaborative interface design tool” they took away a key method that their users use to collaborate and reference specific comments. It feels like the Figma team doesn’t use their own product or they would have known the importance of these comment numbers.

Back on January 11th, with in 5 minutes of seeing the new update, I opened a ticket with support and they had this to say:

Thanks for reaching out about this! This was an intentional change, but since we’ve seen a number of users report this as a bug, we’ve created a report for the engineers so they can track this feedback — I’ve added your details there.

Since this is ‘technically’ a feature request I’d also suggest posing in our
Support Forum with this feedback, either in an existing thread (Bring back Comment numbers for example) or starting a new thread for any feedback that you don’t think fits in an existing thread.

Intentional or not, upgrades shouldn’t take away valuable features. Its a bug. Please fix it. Letting this issue toil in the bottomless bit of “Feature Requests” only damages the integrity and reputation of Figma as being ‘collaborative’ tool.


Numbers did get back, but only in the right side bar in a very discreet way below your name on a #. But still missing from the artboards.