Bring back Comment numbers

My english is rather bad, sorry, but i’ll try to explain several important things of how ppl use your product:

  1. Often notes are used not for communications but for placing logic description on screens. If so there will be lots of comments on canvas and they will be there for a long time
  2. Project team see project every day - they remember layout of frames and layout of comments so they know where to look for some comment
  3. If there are lots of comments on canvas they need to be as light as possible or there will be severe lags

Your update:

  1. Made comments more loaded with some fancy functions and animations - they become slower
  2. Made numbers disappear from canvas - we remember layout of comments but we need that numbers on canvas for fast access to specific comment
  3. Implemented comments grouping - you may think that it is cool feature but it’s really not only useless but harmful for usability.
    3.1. Thats not google map with some Burger King locations which we see once a year. We remembered comments layout in our projects and now it’s gone.Without grouping we can get access to comment in one click and now we need to scroll-scroll-scroll and only after that we can click on specific comment.
    3.2. Grouping lowers lags when comments are grouped. Ok, but as I said we need to scroll for bringing them closely and when comments are close they are degrouped - all of them - and they start to lag. They are more animated and fancy and they lag more then ever.

Please come in sense. We understand thay you raised 200 mil. recently and need to do something animated and fancy but please make old comments an option. Now they are broken


This update was terrible! Many users complain that they create a comment, hit Enter, and the comment disappears. This update was not merely pointless, it was harmful.

that was a terrible idea which has removed comments number. why figma team don’t know how comments number is very important for many users.

We see your are trying to make something better but WE NEED COMMENT NUMBERS BACK ON CANVAS INSTEAD OF AVATARS.

If your new effective manager likes that avatars ok, but plz MAKE AN OPTION


Group 38
You guys could keep the avatars (although its zero relevant) but you guys could simply resolve it just putting the first “avatar ball” to be the comment number id.

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Here’s my +1

It appears Figma forgot to do UX research/user testing on this one before “just doing.” Lol

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