Bring back Comment numbers

100% agree. Please bring back comment numbers! We lost all of our references!!!

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Our dev team relies of comment numbers for bug/design fixes.

Taking away a useful feature is not considered a good ux.


Yes, the comment numbers had a huge profit. Please bring it back!

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Meanwhile, I found this plugin called “42 comments”, it allows you to see the comment numbers and search comments by text [not by number]. Not the most efficient way, but helpful until Figma fixes this issue!


A disaster. All my notes are a mess now.
My order of tasks is broken!
I have no idea what my next task will be.
Oh, and my progress report is also useless right now!
Please find a way to restore comment number display.


Return comment numbers.

Agreed - please return comment numbers. They are extremely helpful while iterating to reference a specific conversation.

Please bring back comment numbers ASAP.

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Love everything but the numbers need to come back. It’s a huge part of my workflow and I use them to communicate to developers which issues belong to which comment numbers…

In the latest update it seems comment numbers were removed. This is a vital feature for our team when they reference specific comments regarding fixes or revisions needed for a design. Don’t get me wrong I like the new comment functionalities, but we cannot do what we are doing without the comment numbers. Let me know if there is a way to re-enable these please!


Same issue, I agree!

I’m not going to try to understand why the comment numbers were removed, but I would like them back as quickly as possible. My notes on paper, which refer to comments by number, suddenly make no sense.


100% agree! I used to keep comments unresolved if they are some notes or clarification. And I used to make a list of comments that need to be resolved if they are tasks or amendments. So that was my personal prioritized task list that’s no longer available :cry:

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Absolutely agree! Comment numbers are extremely helpful.

Before this last update I could see an automatic sequential number assigned to each of my comments, but now I can’t find it. Any help on how can I see those numbers again?

It really helped me to organice my team, I would assign each of them a set of comments (resolve comments from 10 to 25)

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100% Agree

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I reference the comments in Jira and I need an ID number to do so. Without that it takes the team twice as long to navigate our vast figma file.

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Totally agree, please bring back comment numbers

Absolutely agree, we need comments ID back.

Vote for it, we desperately need the comment’s ID back :cry: