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Branch as a separate file/tab

I guess with new update came the configuration to not allow opening original file in one tab and its branch in a separate tab. Now you need to switch between original file and branches in one tab. Please please please bring it back to being able to open separate tabs. I have a huuuuge design system file that loads for at least 2 minutes and switching between it and branches slows me down like crazy.
p.s. Anyway, I love the work that you do guys! Keep it up!

Hi @Sasha1, you can open Main and its branches in different tabs. There are several ways to do this:

  1. Through a file browser

  2. By using the “Open File URL From Clipboard” function.

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There was a new branching update that took away the ability to see the master branch. In the past, I was able to have all of my branches opened in tabs as well as the parent/master version opened. Now I can’t do this anymore which is really inconvenient because I always have to close a tab of a branch in order to switch back to master.

I would like ability to have them all open again so that its easier to do a side by side comparison of master vs branch.

Yeah I guess that’s one work around…it’s extra steps from the way it was before though :frowning:

Before, I could:

  1. I am in a master file, then I open up one of the branches
  2. The branch would open in a new tab on the same window (but now it just replaces the tab)

So it went from 1 click to now a few clicks just to have both tabs coexist.

Yes, I agree with Jen. Now once I’m in the Main file and want to create a branch but keep the Main open at the same time, I need:

  1. Create branch (file reloads to open the newly created branch)
  2. Click on Main file name in the header to reopen the Main file (since if I go directly to dashboard to open Main file, it still sends me to the opened branch tab).
  3. Go to Dashboard, select branch in drop-down of the file, open it.

This makes loading of everything very long. Would be really great to return the previous process.
Also a strange thing is when you do this process, the Main file keeps a branch icon next to the name in the tab…

Hi folks! Thanks for reporting this.

This looks like a bug that has popped up recently – I’ve reported it and the team and I hope we can have it fixed soon. That would restore the old behavior of opening branches in separate tabs.