Better flow notes

When I share prototypes with several flows to my team, I often rely heavily on the left-nav panel with the flow names and flow descriptions. However, there are a few issues:

  • The text is tiny; my teammates sometimes miss it

  • The text has very few formatting options besides making things bold, causing poor visual hierarchy. Maybe allowing headings would help.

  • From the Prototype panel, with nothing selected, I can edit flow titles, but there’s no way to edit their descriptions. I have to select a frame with a starting point, then click the little edit icon next to the title (which looks like it’s a button to edit the title since it’s right next to it)

  • Nitpick: the overlay modal for editing the descriptions it’s a bit unintuitive; to me, it would make more sense if it was just underneath the field where you edit the title. Rough mockup of my idea:

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