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Autolayout doesn't grow when content added with interactive components

I’m trying to build pretty complex form prototype. I would like to show more content when user proceed with the form (progressive disclosure). This works in design mode if I manually change property of the variant. New content push older content downwards. But in prototype present mode when selecting that same radio button new content appears to underneath old content.

Link to file
Link to prototype

This feature paired with conditions would be perfect :fire:


@Gleb Thanks for answering! Nice to hear that you’re already working with this.

Yes that’s what I meant. When any component with new content is expanding/collapsing other content below that should move downwards.

Check this prototype.

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I would also like to see this feature. This is the interface I’m working on that would benefit from this functionality. (Also, with an accordion like this, it would be great to have conditional formatting where I could define whether only one card could be expanded or multiple cards could be expanded.)



This feature should be optional when creating an interactive components, because some components may be floating on the screen, like a dropdown menu.


+1 for auto layout (expand/collapse patterns)



I love to see this functionality as well! :slight_smile:

This is crucial for me to be able to take advantage of this function.

Would love to see this feature added as well! I heavily rely on autolayout in my designs.

This can be solved by wrapping the content in a frame and keeping the clip content option unchecked. Thus, the content could be overflow your bounding box, without influence on expand/collapse content. In other words, I think that the expand option should be to pushing the bounding box size.


+1! Need for auto layout support for size-changing variants is acute. Also agree this behaviour should be optional.

When can we expect this to be fixed?

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+1 this would be a life changer!

+1 this is an essential feature!

Thanks for the clarification Gleb and glad to know its in progress. When can we expect the Interactive components to be shipped? thanks!

Also, does anyone know any workarounds for now? thanks!

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+1… right now there isn’t a workaround, right? (just duplicating frames to animate)

Closing this as there’s an existing topic in the Feedback category: Support Auto Layout in Interactive Components

Please add your votes and feedback there, vs commenting “+1”. Thanks! :slight_smile: