As a design system lead / owner, I need easier access to library analytics — exporting would be ideal!

The library analytics feature in Figma is critical to understanding how our teams are using and adopting components in our design system, and it lets us monitor how new components in our design system are getting used and re-used, so we know when to promote a highly shared component to our global code base. A simple CSV download on this data would be incredibly valuable!!

Currently I’m capturing monthly snapshots by screenshooting the data and uploading it to a confluence page :frowning: And once it’s there it’s static so not easy to compare or ask questions of the data. If I had a CSV I could upload that data into a spreadsheet or a dashboarding tool.


So many tools suffer this same issue (not letting users export their data). Being able to grab lib analytics would be hugely empowering for me. I don’t want to have to wait for new features or data views to develop in this area of the app (especially given that the editor experience seems to get the lion’s share of attention–that’s my perception from the customer end at least). I want the numbers and I want to put them to work!

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I’m also a Design System Lead in my company and this data is a big matter for a product with no incomes to justify the usage and the deployment. Even with the Enterprise plan, you can only export a basic CSV for components insertions with a T(today)-x days range… so no history.

There is also nothing to grab with the Figma API right now…

It would be great if i can :

  • Use a basic API to read theses stats
  • Export data in CSV for a specific component (to know which team/project is using it)
  • Change/set a range date to have the whole history of insertions

+1 this exporting functionality would be so be so useful! (1) I love the Product team usage already. (2) knowing the Component usage would be wildly useful. and (3) ideally can see product usage BY product team.


Updated my Figma Chrome extension to let you easily export a CSV of the analytics data from your library

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Hey Joshua! This looks amazing. I was looking through the forums hoping for this exact solution, but unfortunately it isn’t working for me. I’ve disabled adblock, and the toggle feature is working, but the export isn’t working for me. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

@Tierney_Sadowski1 is the analytics modal visible (and you are on the Analytics tab) when you attempt to export? Happy to discuss directly if you want to email me -

I tried again today and was able to get it to work! I’m not sure what changed, but boy is this a lifesaver. Thank you so much for building this!

Appreciate the chrome extension - but for those who can’t run 3rd party extensions in their enterprise environment - you can awkwardly copy and paste the individual component stats into an excel file. Doesn’t maintain any formatting, so it will need cleanup.

I’ve got a JS bookmarklet that does the equivalent of the Chrome extension just for that scenario :+1:

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