Are there free plugins for icons in figma?

I have a little study project. When using plugins for icons, the plugin asks for payment. Are there any free plugins for icons and pictures in figma?

There are lots of plugins that offer free icons. Iconify is the most popular with over a million installs. Content reel is also good which is also useful for a lot else.

Not a plugin, but something that every designer should know about is the noun project. If an icon plugin doesn’t have what you’re looking for, the noun project is your best bet.

Hello, the “Material Design Icons” is the old one. I’d recommend you using “Material Symbols” plugin which has way more options and variations than it’s predecessor

Here’s the link to the plugin:

Lately I really enjoy using plugin “Lucide icons”. You can edit thier path and stroke size.
Informations about licence: lucide/LICENSE at master · lucide-icons/lucide · GitHub

I also use Material Symbols, but I download them from website Material Symbols and Icons - Google Fonts, I find using their plugin a bit annoying (i more prefer having only shape/paths for svg icon than masked shape - like from the plugin.