Anyone know what in the world this is?

Hey guys,
What does this color style mean? The one that has a square color indicator rather than a circle. And how in the world did I do that?

How can I remove it? Why can’t I see in the color styles library?

Turns out it’s some sort of variable. God knows where I can find these variables or how I can edit them. Come on man, what the friggin hell?

Hey Cristian, thank you for reaching out! Yes it looks like you’ve created a variable.
To delete a variable, right click the variable and select Delete variable. I’ve demonstrated this in my screen recording below.

Are you able to view your color styles? Here you can find more information how you can view styles:

Hi @Gayani_S
Thanks for the reply, I did play around with variables. At first glance, my thoughts are “why in the world complicate things so much?” :smiley: I’ll play some more with them, maybe it’s just a first reaction :slight_smile:

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It always good to play around with the tool! You can check our Help Center article if you want to learn more about variables.

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.