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Allow drag to fill multiple regions with the fill bucket tool

There is no way to select and fill multiple regions in a vector network at once.
This can sometimes result in a very manual process to click each tiny region to toggle the fill on or off in complex shapes.

On top of the existing ability to click on regions once the Bucket Tool (B) is selected, it should be possible to keep dragging and toggle any region the mouse cursor enters.

Dragging currently does nothing while the bucket tool is selected - you can not select nodes or move regions in this mode anyway, so there’s room to add this functionality!

Can imagine two ways it could work:

  1. Dragging over regions toggles each individually from the previous state it had (no fill/fill)
  2. The tool remembers from the first region and only fills or removes fill from all the rest

Frame 5

Does anyone else wish this was possible when editing bigger vector networks?
Am I overlooking an existing feature or plugin for this?