Additional charges were incurred in figma invoice

Dear Figma Support Team,

I am reaching out to escalate a significant issue we’ve encountered with our most recent invoice related to our Figma subscription, which seems to have inaccuracies that urgently need your attention and resolution.

To provide you with a clear context, we originally purchased two design seats on an annual basis for our team’s use. Upon reviewing our latest invoice, it came to our attention that we have been charged for 14 editor seats, which is perplexing and incorrect. It appears that additional charges were incurred despite some of our users already possessing editor access prior to this unexpected increase.

In response to discovering this issue, we have undertaken the following steps to mitigate further confusion and potential overcharging:

  1. We have rescinded editor access from all users except for two - myself and my colleague who also has 1 pro design sear, ensuring we adhere to our original subscription plan of two design seats.
  2. We adjusted the access levels for all other users to view-only to prevent any unintended subscription charges.

I have also previously contacted your support team to highlight the absence of any prior warning regarding such significant billing modifications. During this communication, I sought an immediate explanation for the unexpected rise in charges, yet await a comprehensive resolution.

This email serves as a formal escalation of the issue, as it significantly impacts our operational budgeting and planning. We urgently request a detailed review of our account, a correction of the billing error, and a refund of the overcharged amount at the earliest convenience.

Thank you for your immediate attention to this critical matter. We look forward to your swift action and resolution.

Not surprised by this. Figma has a history of extremely poor management and worse UX when it comes to their dead in the water enterprise pricing strategy.

Hey @Muhammed_Aazam, sorry for the delayed reply!

We’re not able to help with Billing issues here on the forum, but it looks like Ren already help you out yesterday on ticket #941045.

Please let us know if we can help with anything else.