Accuracy of the Eyedropper in Figma

  1. draw a rectangle on a blank frame in Figma.
  2. Fill it with #000000. If you’re concerned that the blank frame isn’t white, fill it twice with a bottom fill of 100% #FFFFFF and a top fill of #000000
  3. Set the opacity slider on the #000000 fill to 50%
  4. sample the resulting color with the eye dropper

On my system, running Mac OS Ventura, the sampled hex value is #808080.
On my colleague’s system, running Windows 11, the sampled hex value is #7F7F7F

Both our Figma installations are using the sRGB color profile.

On, a 50% black is #808080.

Does the eyedropper depend on the monitor color profile at the system level in any way? Is this a video driver/monitor color profile issue? Is it possible to get on the same page?

We updated the monitor setting and it had no effect on the eyedropper results. We still get different hex codes on a 50% black.

Did you double check your color profile in Figma on both?

Yes, both systems use the sRGB as the Preferred Color Profile, as confirmed by choosing Preferences > Color Profile within Figma.

Ooh, okay, I have an idea. On the Mac, can you check the display color settings and see if it might be using the Display P3 color profile? To get them consistent, you might want both the Mac and PC on sRGB. That’s my best guess at least.

The mac is not using the Display P3 color profile. Both the mac and windows PCs are using the sRGB color profile. In fact, the display of the mac user won’t even display the P3 profile.

Well darn, I might be out of ideas here. Hopefully somebody else will chime in!