Ability to lock certain pages in file by the owner

The owner of the file must have access to lock certain pages from anyone visiting. This helps in maintaining drafts and iterations with no else needs to see.

In this case you might consider working in a separate and private Draft file first and copy the finished states/iterations in the main file later.

Depending on what kind of file/project you work, you also could consider to make it a library and just publish the finished components to your team.

Another way, depending on your team size, could be using a organization plan, where you could set-up different teams with different access possibilites.

Please vote for this idea here: Giving unique access to specific pages.

Done. Voted for that

This would be immensely valuable for a number of reasons, mostly because it becomes highly tedious to create and maintain multiple files just to have unique URLs to fend off being inundated with comments while you’re in the middle of designing.

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