22 very important to me drafts of a team have just disappeared

Please I could use some guidance, I didn’t delete the drafts and they aren’t in the deleted files folder or nowhere to be found. Until yesterday I could see and use the drafts without any problems and today they are gone. Please help what do you think I could recover them or instead should I look for a Figma alternative where files just don’t disappear?

@Alike_Astort – I’m responding here in addition to the topic I closed over here: My drafts just disappeared - #18 by ksn

I’m going to look into some things and then update you when I know more.

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Thank you for your response, I’ll stay tuned for further information.

@Alike_Astort thanks for your patience. I went and got a new support ticket for you so that someone can get to you via email instead of here (want to protect any personal data and keep the convo on email).

You should have gotten a message from me already via the email on file we have for you, but let me know if you did not receive that.

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Yes, thank you guys for attending this issue, I have received and answer your email and now I’m just looking forward to some of your team can solve my missing files problem. Thanks!