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100 percent height style panels

This could be a very simple but welcomed adjustment from Figma that could have great impact on the way we work.

Hundreds of times a day we select either a color, text or effect style. The problem is the amount of unnecessary scrolling we have to do to get to the values we want to use. It seems like a very simple code adjustment that would greatly speed up our work.


Hey @Christian_Baptiste thanks for sharing this idea and for mapping out a proposed solution. I wonder if the ability to have draggable pop-out modals would help solve this too. I could see it being helpful to be able to move the panel (similar to the color picker) but also resize to whatever best fits your workflow. :slight_smile:

Hi Josh, Your suggestion reminds me of the old adobe apps. Honestly I rather just have the panels take up the vertical space without the hassle of having to manage my panels.

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I created a post here with the exact same problem. This would indeed enhance the workflow. Right now it’s always these steps to change colors: Click on the color dropdown → scroll to choose the color (lucky if it’s in the beginning, hell if it’s on the bottom of the list).

There is plenty of available vertical space from the right panel that could be used, but having the color modal draggable and not attached (how it is today) could be a better option…

I think it should be responsive for different monitors. If the panel height set to 65% for example, then it will absorb the screen height and display the panel at 65% of screen height or viewport height. This way, if anyone has bigger monitors or vertical monitors they will get better UX for sure.