100% interface scale in prototype preview

I have a small screen on my laptop, so I put 90% interface scale in figma to have more working area. but on prototype preview(Present) it’s also 90% scale now. I’m jumping over increase-decrease scale each time I need to check interactive prototype. My suggestion is to make these settings separate so interface scale won’t affect on prototype preview

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Even though my laptop screen size isn’t small, having the interface at 90% gives me more space to focus on my canvas. The issue is that every time I set my canvas zoom to 100% (not only on the prototype view), it isn’t really the accurate size of it.
Reminds me of the old days of setting my zoom at 141% on Photoshop so I could really see how things look at 100%.
Can we have these two settings detached or should we just get used to setting the zoom at 111% when we want to see it as 100%?

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