Will contents stored in figma.clientStorage be consistent both on Figma's Website and Desktop app for a user?

I am saving a number in figma.clientStorage which serves the purpose of counting the number of times a demo functionality of my plugin has been used by a user. (users cannot exceed over 10 times of use within a 24 hrs timespan)

My query is if supposing a user has used the functionality 10 times on the desktop app. Now, is it possible of them to open the plugin on Figma’s website and continue to use for a further 10 times and vice versa?

In other words, would this set number inside figma.clientStorage stay consistent over both Figma desktop app and website for a particular user.


No, because the browser(s) and Figma app(s) are different apps and each has its own local storage.

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Can you please suggest me a way in order to do this?
It’ll be much help, thanks!

I can assume that you can send data to your server and get a response.

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Thanks for the help! I’ll surely try this approach as well.