Why won't certain Figma Styles publish?

Is there a reason (or bug?) for why certain Figma Styles (e.g. one Color Style and one Effect Style) remains as “Modified” even after publishing them?

For context, this has never been an issue and the Figma Library in question has been around for several months.

Basically the flow is:

  1. Select “Publish styles and components”
  2. Select the two Figma Styles in question. They both appear under the “Changes” section as “Modified”.
  3. Select “Publish”.
  4. When I select “Publish styles and components” again, the styles I selected in Step 2 still appear as “Modified” under the “Changes” section. Despite no changes being made.

I’ve tried reloading the tab and fully restarting the Figma app. Nothing seems to work.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

I faced the a similar or the same issue today. After a couple of restarts and publishes they finally got published. I think it’s just a bit buggy. I can’t explain it otherwise.