Where is the Fonts Installer in my Settings? (Trying to FIX missing fonts issue)

Where is the Fonts Installer via my settings as I cannot see this.
I am on an Organizational Plan.

Looking online I can see that it is there as someone else has posted
But in my Figma Settings, it’s not there

This is in relation to this issue with missing fonts as posted here, which seems to be a problem unsolved

Someone has suggested this here, HOPING this will fix the issue.

Hey @Joseph_Marafioti, sorry to hear you’re having trouble!

Just to be sure, are you trying to fix your fonts issue using Figma in the browser? The Figma font installer is only needed in-browser, and if so, you can find it here:

I just figured out the issue with the missing font not seen in Figma, even though I can see the same font in Font Book. It’s when I add in Library/Fonts is when it works again.

Seems like this folder stores specific fonts that Figma check in. Maybe…BUT it works! :star_struck: