When i drop an image to figma the image desaturates

I already read this post but it doesn’t fix my problem, I don’t use a Mac, and the photos are good even before importing to Figma. Here are my screenshots

Hi there! Can you let me know what color space you have set to use in Photoshop?

A mismatch in Color Space settings is the most common reason users see differences when importing or exporting images from or to different apps.
As a first troubleshooting, I’d recommend you to check your color profile on Figma ( choose sRGB or Display p3) to see if there is any improvement. More information on how to Manage color profiles in design files article.

If this doesn’t help, I’d suggest you to reach out directly to the support team so they can investigate it further: here
Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with support-share@figma.com, the image you try to import, so we can try to replicate and take a closer look!