What are my nested components attached to?

I use an atomic system to build out my components(atom, molecule, and so on link here). Figma allows me to do this with ease but i’m missing context.

When I want to update a particular atom in my design, I will sometimes update that instance of an atom inside of my molecule. This overrides that instance. Which means if I need to update again, that instance is now does not get updated. It would be great if I had some visual cue that lets me know what instance is attached to what “master component”. In other words, i want to see how my components are built up. In my screenshot, i have shown how i solve for the problem now.

I do realize that there is an indicator in the layer panel but that is so far away from my line of sight when working in a component.

Community Questions
How do others solve the problem of always having appropriate context when using/updating components?
How do others keep track of how components are connected?
What value do you see in this problem?
Do other people have this problem? Or is it just me attempting to remember how I created a component a year ago?

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