Wacom Tablet - Value Scrolling Bug

Using a Wacom Tablet…I use an Intuos but I assume this problem is across all tablets. When you select a value to adjust, and use the ‘scroll’ function button on your tablet pen, the value changes however the numbers go insane, and the cursor flies across the screen several times.

See video below:

This is the button that is being pressed to ‘scroll’ the value on the tablet:

I think this problem is happening because the value scroller is being interpreted as a horizontal scroll bar, but it just needs some smoothing out so that it doesnt go mad !


Didn’t find a vote button, but came here to register the same problem.


Same problem here, quite annoying. Also having problems with click/select or pan/zoom with the Wacom pen. It just stops working and I can’t select anything or move the canvas around for a couple of minutes until it goes back to normal


Can you please up vote the request!

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I did!

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Yup same here

Same problem as well uhhh

I noticed a “Scrubbing at 1/2 - 1/4 - 1/8” indication in the bottom of the screen, which doesn’t appear when we use the mouse. Does anyone know what this means ? It could point us somewhere…

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Same issue