Unable to locate "On tap" in the prototype

Hello Everyone,

I have created a component set in Figma. However, I am not getting “On tap” for one of the components and it automatically considers “On drag”. Any ideas about what could be wrong here?

I am also attaching the screenshot for reference.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your reply. But as you can see in the screenshot, “Slider 3” is set to the “On -drag” trigger automatically and I want to change it to “On tap”, which has been disabled for me.

Only one “On click/tap” trigger can be assigned to one object. So either edit the “Tap” interaction (change the destination), or remove the existing “Tap” interaction and edit another interaction (change the trigger from “On drag” to “On tap”).

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But Its not limited to interactions per elements on frames either
Its limited on tap interactions per frame! One or max two per frame then on tap is greyed out.

What on earth is the reasoning for having limited on tap interactions like this. I really just dont get it!

When the reality is most frames of most apps have multiple on tap transistions on each frame! Why is it limited then in Prototyping on figma. Incredibly frustrating!


Niall D

Could you clarify what you mean? Can you share a link to an example file?

I mean to say I can’t have more than one ‘on tap’ interactions per frame, not per element.
I am working on a mock up at the moment and one frame i cannot even have one on tap connection.

I just do not understand this limitation. The reasoning for it.
Because you can have endless ‘on drag’ or ‘while pressing’ or ‘mouse enter’ which in terms of touch dynamics engage to same degree as tapping. Why on earth then is ‘on tap’ limited?

No where have i found this addressed. Unfortunately.
Would you not agree that it would make prototyping so much easier if this limitation wasn’t bulit in the way it is?



From your description, I cannot understand the difference between a frame and an element, and why you separate these terms.

Why can’t you add an interaction with the “On tap” trigger? Maybe because such an interaction has already been added to this frame (or in other words to the element, object)?
Please share the details of your problem by uploading screenshots, video, file link to the forum so that anyone can help you with this.

Sure thing tank666
Very appreciative of the helpful engagement btw.

I mean by element: object or text…
the difference between frame, and whatever a frame contains no? …which is usually object/text…

Can I post the file link here, that you or people can look at it or what?

A frame can contain other frames, groups, text, etc. Groups can also contain other frames, groups, etc. Sections and boolean operations can also contain other objects listed above, etc. Any type of layer can be called an element, an object, and it doesn’t matter if it contains something or not.

Yes, you can post a link to your file here. Just make sure you set up access correctly. Also don’t forget to specify where and to which frame you can’t add an interaction with the “On tap” trigger.

Here is the link.
Its a mock up for a geo location feature based parenting app,
and as you can see there are three flows, top middle and bottom.
with three login screen and home pages.
And its just that, I cant have the three flows steming from one homepage,
because it would require 3 on tap connections coming from the one homepage, which figma wont allow.

Am I missing something here?

I still don’t understand your problem. Do you want to have 3 clickable objects on one Home screen? Select each object and add the required interaction. And, as I said earlier, there are objects in your screens that already have an interaction with this trigger.

For example:

Take a close look at these screenshots. The selected objects have interactions that do not have navigation assigned to any frame (Navigate to None). Just edit these interactions or remove and add new ones.

Got It!

Yes, now it is making sense.

I did not see the interactions i had already programed into whatever elements in question. Yes I was aware about this tab in the top right for this… but for some reason did not see that this was the issue, or just didnt connect this in my head.

Thanks a lot for casting an eye on my file and shedding light on the boggle i had!


And how can I solve the issue when I try to create a component for quantity (+/-) to count up and down?

Instead of the “On drag” trigger, use the “On click” trigger. You can also consider advanced prototyping with variables so that you don’t have to create variants for every value.

Hi, thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Unfortunately there is no „on click“ option. I am a true beginner so don’t understand what advanced prototyping is.

Click on the dropdown menu at the top left of the interaction modal (shown as A in the screenshot) and select “On click/tap”.

Yeah, l have „on tap“ but is greyed out. So l need to find another way how I can animate that quantity counter. As I under From your last post that I cannot use them for several variants.

This means that the “On click/tap” interaction has already been added to this object. Please take a look at the right panel where all interactions are listed.

But l need this link because l want to count down (by clicking on the minus). I read from other questions that only one same interaction is possible but my question is really how I can animate this at all. I created this based on a tutorial and he did it with 5 counts but he was allowed to have „on click“ interaction with every link (video from 2021).

Sorry for being a pain, it is just all new and I have to do an app prototype for a project (order / e-commerce app).