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Turned-off asset libraries keep reappearing

Proplan user in a team here.

So in my file I have 7 libraries that I don’t need.
If I turn these unecessary libraries off and switch the file I’m working on they are activated again.

I’ve tried to turn these libraries off in the general account settings.
They stay marked as “off” but keep reappearing in my working files.

These libraries are from another team and owned by coworkers.

When I click the “share” button in the specific file I see that I am not linked to this specific file.
When I click the “share” button in the overview folder with several files I see that a coworker has invited the whole team to “can edit”.
Changing my status in the overview folder didn’t help however, the library keeps reappearing.

Any ideas?

Have the same Problem here. At first there were a specific set of Libraries that were Active with each File I created. But now these few libraries activate themselves when I open Figma the next day, after I disconnected them from the file the day before.

It is getting annoying.

I am having the same problem

Some screenshots:

The following libraries are not used in the file: “aidminutes web styleguide”, the Material Design one and Tailwind.
They are not used in my drafts, and I deleted all my drafts in the tab “deleted”.

“Tailwind CSS UI (community)” can be switched off. Working in another file will switch Tailwind on. The Material library can’t be switched off at all.

Going to the Tailwind file: It is from a coworker. I am not linked.
However I can not change the status “Everyone at (company) can access this file.”

Going into the overal folder with “Designsystem”, I am not explicitily linked. The Material Design library is also in this folder, however the 20 other libraries don’t appear in my file.

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