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The Pricing is wrong

So after the new year, I would have to pay 10$ monthly/each for whoever I want to allow them to add a note. This is absurd.

I’ve been preparing a Figjam board, in hope of introducing this tool to my non-UX colleagues (about 10-50 person) to contribute their insights by adding a note in there.
Yes, it’s free for now.
But After new year, it’s going to cost me 100+ dollars a month for this.
This is absurd.

Now, I hesitate to introduce this tools to my team so i went back to Miro.
Oh, Even free plan, I can still incorporate unlimited numbers of people to contribute their insights by adding a post it there. Miro also have more feature and template. Why Figma?

Figjam shouldn’t be a cash machine, IT’s should serve the main purpose as to reenforce the Figma by attracting new multi-disciplinary colleagues to collaborate with UX guys.

Imagine, in one Figma account you can work with UX/UI guys and also use Figjam to work on your own interest such a board for your own marketing ideas or planning your non-UX jobs.

How many person in a company will use Figjam to run a workshop. Yes, that’s the number that should cash them out. But No, Don’t cash out from workshop participants.
As i said, I no longer want to introduce Figjam to my team since it’s going to cost everyone who participate in my workshop greatly.

Rethink of your business model.