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Size to match in Tableau

Hello guys,

I have a question, I’m trying to make a background image for my Tableau Dashboard, I’m using the size of Range: Minimum - 1200x700 Maximum - 2600x1500 but for some reason i cant make it so it fits perfectly as a background.
Any help or tip would be welcomed. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

If I understand correctly, you have a dashboard, and it is designed in a parent frame which has a width of 1200x700, but the parent frame may also be as large as 2600x1500. Assuming I am correct, try this:

  1. Make sure your background images is at least 2600x1500 in dimensions
  2. Select the parent frame
  3. Change the fill to image, or add a new fill as an image
  4. Select your image making sure it is set to Fill