Shortcut for pulling a "noodle" from a frame / component

When the artboard is zoomed out or when two frames are close to each other, it’s sometimes tricky to find the notch ⨁ to pull a noodle from. This happens often when creating interactive components with variants or component sets. Most of the time the components are stacked too close to each other or are in the same line horizontally or vertically.

Having a shortcut to pull a noodle from a frame or a component makes it much easier to prototype. Say, I’ve selected a button from which I need to connect to an artboard. Press the shortcut and you have a connector opened from the button, available at your cursor, ready to attach to its destination artboard. Figma doesn’t have a preference for which side you pull the connector noodle from, so it doesn’t matter which of the four sides you pull a connector noodle from.


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