SF Symbols Library

I’m struggling to find a plugin or template file for SF Symbols. There is currently one on Community but it doesn’t include a lot of the basic icons.

I will be adding these icons to a Design System so copy and pasting individual icons is not appropriate in this instance. Does anyone know of a file that exists where SF Symbols live, each in individual frame or as their own component?

Did you ever find an answer to this? Also would you know the easiest solution to transferring SF Symbol Font to a component?

There’s a community file which seems quite complete: Apple iOS icons in svg - SF Symbols 3.3 (multicolors) | Figma Community

However, use at your own risk, SF symbols is not open source and “your use of Symbols obtained from Apple’s SF Font is limited to creating mock-ups of user interfaces for software products running on Apple’s iOS, iPadOS, macOS and tvOS operating systems.”

just quoting :wink: