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Separate Stroke(Border) like Corners & Paddings

  1. For designing table components we used to draw lines or shapes to show row-dividers or column-dividers, but it I think would be easier for front-end devs and me as a UI-designer too just divide the Stroke attribute into sub-params: Bottom:1 px; Right:1px as you did with CornerRadius sub-params and Paddings in Auto-align with last updates(thank you so much for these updates guys!!! So happy now, really helpful.)

  2. So in example I need a border in the middle of my table, so with actual instrumens all I have to do is to add lines in every cell and add more parent auto-aligns which make my structure more complex.

    Thats way, separated parameters of Stroke will exclude additional time of creating complex solvations with rectangles or lines with autoalign, and front-end devs will happily see in code Border-right:1px; Border-bottom:1px; instead of simple Border:1px solid #color;

  3. Who is agree with me? Will it be helpfull for us UI designers? and will it save muuuch more time producing components and its variants? I think yes!

With hope and optimism, Alexander Pivovarov.


I also miss this functionality. It would make it easier to make components with bottom border and variable width.

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+1 for this. Creating table components would be way faster with support for individual border values - just like padding.

For example:



Frames with layout grid for rows and columns

Groups with -1 horizontal spacing

Frame that clips content and inner border that is 1px wider than frame

So far, it looks like creating a cell that has individual elements for border-top, border-right, border-bottom, border-left and content, and stacking them in nested auto layouts and creating components for each instance of border, then making each a variant is the only way to make tables flexible enough to work.

Is there a better way? I’ve seen plenty of articles and tutorials, but they are all flawed. Trying real hard not to reply on a community plugin because it will break eventually.