Selling resources on figma

I want to know the criteria for to be eligible to sell on Figma, I had a great number of duplicates on my Style Guide presentation templates and a bundle of files/templates that I wanted to sell on Figma, I want to create a range specifically for corporate presentation, Podcast digitals, and social media designs, I also applied on join the waitlist, I don’t get any responses from Figma yet.

Can anybody describe how to be the part of paid seller community?

Hey Waleed, thank you for your interest in the Figma Community! If you’re just getting started on Community and are interested in selling resources, please make sure you have joined our waitlist via this link here:
For your information, our team reviews the waitlist monthly and invites creators into the program on a limited basis.

Hello @Celine_Figma
I am having the same issue, the link to the waitlist you posted isn’t working again, can you please check it out? Thank you.

Hey @Christopher_Aniedi Our seller program is currently full (which is why the link no longer works). We’re evaluating how to expand this program to more creators in the future, and if you’ve previously expressed interest, we’ll be sure to let you know when our seller program reopens to new applications.

Sorry about the confusion here. Thanks!

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Hello :slightly_smiling_face:
What is the progress with the program? Do we know when there will be new seats available or a new waitlist will open?
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Hey @Creaters_Studio, let me check this with the team. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

Hey @Creaters_Studio, unfortunately, I am not able to share any information at this moment. Please stay tuned for updates. Appreciate your patience!

Thank you @Gayani_S for letting me know the topic status! I will patiently await any updates when you’re ready to share. Best regards for you and your team! :wave:

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Hi, is there any latest update regarding this?

I don’t understand why there are these restrictions. This is absurd. You yourself are limiting your own income. Instead of limiting the number of sellers, get busy checking what is being sold.

There was the time when Figma used to be the first love of designers, but now they are running it like adobe, Biased with limited boundaries, there’s nothing wrong to allow a Sr level designer to sell if they can invite their buyer to the platform and sell in a safe place like Figma.