Select highlighted nodes on other artboard

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    On prototype mode I want to select nodes which are highlighted automatically.

** Switch to prototype mode**

  • I have two artboards with the same content
  • On the first artboard I select a certain node to create a prototype interaction
  • On the second artboard the same node is being highlighted automatically.
    See screenshot

Is it possible to select the highlighted node on the second artboard without multiple clicking or cmd+click + shift+return?

This would significantly speed up the creation of interaction on the same element on other artboards.

Also curious about this - I have often wondered what the purpose of ‘highlighting’ the similar layers is. I absolutely expected this to be the primary use case for it the first few times I noticed the highlighting, and was disappointed that it’s not possible. Would save a lot of time.

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Layer highlighting is used to make it easier to identify and view matching layers for which Smart Animate will be applied.

Ah, I see, thanks!

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