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Scroll up or down trigger for prototypes

I want to have a fixed bar hide when you scroll down, and reappear when you scroll up (common pattern in mobile and web).

You can currently only do this with a hover hack when viewing the prototype on web. I’d love to have this work on mobile so we can use this in UX research when the participant uses the prototype on their phone, as well as be able to play with it.

Doing this in a way that could be within a component so it can be on a long flow would be even better! But I just want the basics :slight_smile:

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Would be great if we could take advantage of scrolling as an interaction. Maybe scrolling could act as a scrubber between frames.


the feature i need the most,

there is a ugly workaround using mouse enter and leave, but it’s too weird.

Would be much better I set something like: "scroll tigger - 120px top - action)

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Find myself wanting this so frequently. Fixed headers appear on scroll so often. I hope this gets added soon!

One of the top recommendations for a Product Display Page is a Sticky Table of Contents for long pages. I NEED THIS FEATURE.
Make it happen Figma.

:rocket: LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!

It would be awesome to add the On scroll up and On scroll down event to hide the sticky headers when scrolling down in a prototype.


It would be so great to have a scroll event. There are a lot of products that tell a story on each scroll.

Thank you