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Safely remove unused library component

Hi everybody !

I’m struggling to optimize a task that include cleaning unused components from a library.

Let’s explain with an example:

On my library, I have a set of buttons with a lot of variables (Size, icons, colors…) and need to hand off this document to developers with only the buttons I used in my linked project.

The buttons set

My linked webdesign

How can I identify easily the variables I didn’t used in my design ?

Of course I can do it manually, but it can be very tedious doing it for several components (Tags, inputs…) across my whole web design

I tried this Safe Delete plugin but it doesn’t work with library component, only works on the active document.
I also hoped I’ll find some clues here but the trick does not work for me .

Does anyone have an idea how i can manage that ?
Thanks :heart:

I have the same question since I see in my Variables drop down menu some properties I created by mistake but I deleted them from the file, yet I still have those as options in the dropdown menu, which is confusing.

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