Replacing icons in buttons, design library vs product file, different results

Hey! So, I have buttons in my design system file, where if I can the icons in a button, and then change the variant for the button (filled > outline etc), then the button preserves the icon overwrite.

But when I used the same button in a product file from the design system library, the changes are not preserved.

The structure of the button is this:

  • Variant
    • Icon-size
    • Text
    • Icon-size (a variants, with the same icon, but in multiple sizes)
      • Icon-instance
        • Vector

I think the issue here is when I change the icon in the button, Figma changes its name to the instance’s name, so when after I change it to another button variant, it sees it as an instance conflict, and resets the overrides, but then I don’t understand why is it working in the design system file.

I’m still investigating different options, structures, but so far I didn’t find a solution. Any ideas?

ps. I wanted to share screen records in the post, but the forum doesn’t allow me to share media as I’m a new user. Figma, really? I mean, I have a team subscription and everything, what do you think what I’m going to share that can’t be allowed, cat videos? Mehh.
ps2. nor links. great.

design system
2021-10-12 12.02.14

product file:
2021-10-12 12.05.40

“new users only allowed sharing one embed post.” and I’m replying too quickly. gosh, it’s a bit annoying. perhaps showing a warning message before the action, not after when I did something… khmm… wrong?

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