Recover old Figma version

Hi. The code for my plugin was located under the path “…/Figma/app-166.12.2”. With a new update being installed, it looks like this folder has been deleted.

Is there a way I can restore what was in it (the plugin)?

Thought I’d give a bit more details:

I started creating a plugin ~a month ago. When I created the plugin, it was located under the path “…/Figma/app-166.12.2”. This is where the plugin was created by default.

I kept the plugin in there & continued to work on it. As of yesterday (24th of October), it looks like Figma installed a new version. I now have two folders in the Figma directory: app-116.13.3 and app-116.14.6.

My assumption is that, as Figma updates, older versions are automatically deleted. Is there a way to recover the older version folder though?

If that folder is not in the trash, then, unfortunately, you will not be able to restore it. But you can try various specialized software to recover deleted files.

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Yup, unfortunately you are correct. But thank you for responding!

I was able to recover my files, here is the journey I went through in case anyone experiences this:

What I can assume happens is that, when you create a new plugin, it is by default created in a folder that contains the current Figma version. However, as Figma updates, older versions get deleted.

So in other words- if you created your plugin in the folder that contains the current Figma version (which I think is the default option), move it out of there.

Ways you can try to recover your code include:

  1. Github - I had some code in github, but it was ~a week old, which meant I would’ve lost a week of progress.
  2. Windows/Mac/Linux file deletion recovery tools- I am on windows and tried using Windows File Recovery which did not work. I also tried r-undelete, which was able to retrieve one of the deleted files.
  3. Contact Figma support- My plugin is published, and Figma support were able to provide me with the code for the published version of the plugin (thank you Alex!)

So, in short:

  1. If your plugin is in the folder containing the current Figma version, move it out of there ASAP.
  2. Use git every time you make a change.
  3. File recovery tools could work, but there is no guarantee.
  4. If your plugin is published, Figma support can provide you with your published code.

This is wrong. The plugin directory is created according to the path that you chose in the save window.