READ ME: How to use the Ask the community category?

Have a question about using Figma? Unsure if you’re running into a bug or expected behavior? Wondering how others might solve a specific design problem in Figma? Then this is the category for you! :wink:


  1. Before creating a new topic, do a search first to make sure it hasn’t already been asked by another member of the community.

  2. Make sure to review the topic template (pasted below) when creating a new thread. Writing in the form of a question and providing context greatly helps search and reduces duplicate questions.

  • Please write your topic title as a question (if possible) — this helps with search
  • Give as much context as possible (details, screenshots, etc.) — this helps the community help you
  • Make sure to remove these points before posting. :slight_smile:
  1. Use the solution feature when your questions gets answered. This allows users to sort by solved/unsolved within the category.
    CleanShot 2021-01-27 at 08.44.32@2x
    Note: If you don’t see this option you may have to click on the expand icon first (the 3 dots)

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I can’t find how to ask a dang question. Going crazy with this forum. Where on earth is the “NEW TOPIC” button ?!!!


All I can do is reply…there’s no button. So lost in Figma I can’t even use the forum apparently. Am I not logged in properly?

just found out you need permissions just to be able to ask questions. it’s very silly. I’m also fairly new.

how do we get these permissions?

I ended up getting them by responding to other post. not sure how long it takes.

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Will responding to this post grant permissions to then post my own question?

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I’d assume so, that’s how I ended up getting them.


Thanks. I can confirm that is exactly how it works. I commented on a couple posts, “tust level” invitation came by email, then I refreshed the forum. I was then able to post new questions.

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Hi all, sorry about this. We’ve temporarily disabled the ability to create new topics for brand new users. Once you’ve been on the forum for a little while (reading posts, liking, etc.) you’ll be promoted to trust level 1, which will allow you to post a new topic. This is only a temporary measure to help limit spam as we’ve seen a large number of new users the past week or so.

Feel free to DM me if you need help posting a question and I can manually change your trust level.



Should have a message somewhere that says this on the main page, I was so confused haha.


Great point! I’ll pin a new topic on the homepage.

I need help posting a question. I’ve done a few searches now and looked through a few other threads that were similar to my issue but not quite. Can someone help fix my trust level so I can ask a question or report a bug?

I was looking to ask a question apparently need authorisation ?

Hello Josh:
While I understand you’re have having spam issues, I am frustrated. Being a new Figma user, I would then have more questions and issues to resolve. But also being a new Figma user, I am being restricted. Seems counterintuitive. Can you please allow me permissions to ask questions? In particular I am simply trying to move an endpoint of an interaction in prototype mode. I move the arrow to another frame and the line disappears and the button no longer has the plus sign to even add a new interaction. It seems I have to recreate the button items over and over again from scratch instead of copying elements and simply changing interactions. Something you can easily change in Adobe XD by the way. Thank you, I appreciate the help.

I’m commenting here hoping to get permission to post a new topic. :wink:

yeah me too hope this will unlock that new topic button.

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