Random purple box behind text in prototype

Please help! When playing through my prototype, there is a random purple box appearing behind some text (image attached). Does anyone have any idea why and how I can remove it? I can’t seem to figure it out and it is very annoying to say the least. Thanks.

I’ve still not managed to fix this yet, please can anyone help?

Does it only show when playing the prototype? Never when editing?

It’s impossible to tell for sure without accessing your file.

If you won’t share, then what you can do is Ctrl/Cmd + right click on the square. You should get a context menu showing all objects that your mouse hovers on and see if there’s an object that shouldn’t be there.

Hi, thanks for your reply Klesus. It is only showing when playing the prototype. It has now started to appear on other elements too.

I’ve cmd + right click and all seems fine. Any other ideas?

If you’re using Figma in the browser, make sure you’re not using any browser extensions that might interfere.

Other than that I can only think of graphics driver issues or a bug in Figma.

I’ve now switched over to using the desktop app and it seems fine, so must be a browser extension. Thanks for your help.