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Prototype Presentation Goes Slightly Darker

I have been working on a design file and when previewing the prototype via the presentation it was all working as expected.
I added some additional frames, but when I preview these frames the screen goes slightly darker rather than the white background that my design is based on. It is really odd why just two frames distinctly go darker when they are displayed. Any one got any ideas why just 2 of the frames would change?

Dark Screen

Hi @Robin_Anderson, could you share a link to the file?

From the start > Accounts > (normal white screen) > Closed Accounts - Screen goes darker

Thanks for the link. I looked at your file and saw that frames named “04 POS…” have 90% layer opacity. Change the opacity of these layers to 100%.

@tank666 - thanks so much I would not have spotted that for ages, not sure how those managed to get to 90% but great of you to help out. Thanks again.

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