Proposal for Enhanced File Access Control to Streamline Team Collaboration

I have an idea for your software that could really help us out. In our team, designers and product managers often put their designs and project plans in the same file, and then they give this file to our engineers. This leads to a lot of discussions between the people who work on the front-end and back-end of our projects, especially when they’re writing the specs for our APIs.

The problem we keep running into is that when we’re working on these files, it’s really easy to accidentally mess up the design files. We don’t want that to happen. It would be great if engineers could look at the designs and add their own notes or comments without being able to change the original design.

So, my suggestion is: can you make it so that when designers hand off their files, the engineers can write on them but not edit the actual designs? This kind of control over who can do what with the files would be a huge help when we’re putting together our project plans.

Thanks for considering my idea. I think it could make things a lot easier for us and maybe for other teams too.